Cloud Service

RainbowTONE is the next generation service platform for providing communication as a service, which is built to deliver various kinds of multimedia telecom services efficiently, effectively and reliably.

We provide on-demand communication services to serve you and your customers round the clock throughout the year. By hosting the service on our platform, you are rest assured of quality service running 24 hours, 7 days a week. You do not need to care about the service creation, deployment and maintenance. We at RainbowTONE are here to do the jobs for you. You can save more time and resource and focus on your core competence of running your own business.

We provide solutions to meet your business needs in the areas of:

  • Marketing campaign
  • Customer communication
  • Product promotion
  • Customer acquisition, development and retention

RainbowTONE Service

RainbowTONE Service

Telecom Advertisement

Telecom services such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Fax-on-Demand (FOD) and SMS are commonly deployed for marketing campaign, promoting products/brands, making sales and serving customers’ queries.

An advertisement in public area, such as those in the prime location can easily costs more than USD 10K per week. With telecom service enabled advertisement, which is only a fraction of the advertisement cost, you maximize the ROI of your promotional expenses.

Seize, Engage and Motivate

With an information hotline, you seize the instant attention of the audience and extend the time they spend on your advertisement.


Convenient and Quick Access

A valuable database of quality leads is generated by using incentive (such as discount coupon) to attract people make the phone calls on the advertisement.


Real Time Monitoring                    

The advertising performance can be monitored by analyzing the call statistics.

Flexible and Dynamic                    

Using the interactive voice service, content can be changed dynamically according to the market needs.

LinkUCS Cloud Service

Enjoy features that premium call centre solutions offer without spending a lot. Our service can be set up within days and  We offer carrier-grade service platform hosted in secure class-A data centre for 99.9% service availability.

We offer service to help you start a virtual office business with minimum investment. Business starts within day only by providing live agents to answer and handle customer calls. Global service coverage with our flexible DID (direct number) connectivity to worldwide DID providers.

With the aids of our personal call assistant, you will never miss a call even when you are out of town. Rate for phone calls is super low with our service. Call number will automatically be mapped to your contact once you get a visual voicemail or missed call alert. And you can listen to voicemail just like any other instant messaging app. Work efficiency is increased with our service.