Typical deployment methods of Cosmos SDP are interactive voice response (IVR), Fax-on-demand (FOD) systems. Our IVR systems have been deployed to many customers range from government bodies, public utilities, enterprises and service providers.

Our systems work well with different brands of PABX and telecom trunk (ISDN, SS7 ISUP and SIP trunk).

IVR, FOD, Auto attendent


Call Flow Management

Different call flows can be launched dynamically depends on different DNIS or channel

Reliable and Flexible

Fully distributed architecture is implemented for system load balancing redundancy and expansion

System Works Natively in VoIP Environment

Work in SIP environment, the de facto standard for VoIP communication

Quick and Easy Development

Call flow can be developed easily by Cosmos Designer's GUI based interface

Backend data integration is over standard HTTP/HTTPS based web services, decoupling the backend logic from front end call flow processing

Templates and guideline for system development