Cosmos SDP

COSMOS SDP is an open Service Delivery Platform designed to enable rapid delivery of interactive speech and multimedia services. Multiple applications can be deployed on the common platform and delivered to end users from all different service network domains such as PSTN, 2G Mobile, 3G and 4G. Service providers are able to foster service innovations as the open platform exposes the underlying telecom resources to large developer community in a controlled and regulated environment. The capability to link up to independent third party developers and content providers is the key advantage that the platform brings. With COSMOS SDP, the value of network assets is extended and the total cost of ownership is lowered, saving capital and operation expenditures in the long run.

  • Flexible and distributed architecture enable horizontal expansion without ground up changes to the system
  • Multiple connectivity capabilities ensure future proof of the system. The rise of NGN (Next Generation Network) calls for the support of SIP, which is the de facto standard. System has native support for VoIP communication. It provides seamless migration to VoIP-SIP connection, saving the cost of investment.
  • Multi-service platform to host different applications and allow future expansion of new services.
  • Open service platform with high level scripts for further application development. System adopts W3C standards (CCXML and VoXML) and internet application development methodology, which opens up the platform to large developer community. It allows IT professionals without in-depth telecom knowhow to develop telecom applications. It ensures fast deployment cycle, low development and maintenance cost, and fostering the creation of innovative applications.
  • Multi-tier architecture, in which backend business logic is decoupled from the front-end IVR system. This will help to minimize overall system complexity, lower development and on-going maintenance cost.

Service Creation Environment

The core of the Service Creation Environment is COSMOS Designer, which provides the GUI based click-n-drop application flow development environment. The Designer automatically renders the graphical flow into VoXML scripts to be deployed on the execution server. Product manager can use this tool to quickly prototype his idea and communicate it in effective and efficient manner to other parties such as customers and developers. For developer, after receiving the prototype from product manager, he can focus on service creation and optimization, and avoid misunderstanding of the requirement.