IVR Hosting Platform

Cosmact RainbowTone IVR hosting platform is off-the-shelf multi-IVR application platform to manage different IVR services with resources control.

  • Assign maximum number of channels for different applications. This is to better allocate system resources for fair usage among different services.
  • Assign different holiday and office hour setting for different applications. Based on holiday/office hour setting, system can easily decide if a transfer call shall be made or not or directly to a voice mailbox.
  • Transfer number can be easily managed and changed via the web admin interface.
  • Support voice-to-email if no answer/non-office hour
  • Conditional message setting for different applications.
  • On-line checking usage and traffic history for different applications.
  • Voice prompt/fax file upload and upload history checking
  • Usage reporting for different applications.