What we do...

At Cosmact, we have strong expertise in media processing (voice, fax, speech recognition, text-to-speech, natural language processing, video), telecommunication signaling, media streaming, large scale mission critical systems design and deployment. Cosmact Ltd. offers professional services including but not limited to:

  • Telecom VAS implementation and deployment
  • Customized IT system and software development
  • Mobile apps development, with competitive edge in mobile VoIP and messaging
  • System consultation, support and maintenance


Scale-up and Scale-out

Individual components can be upgraded or expanded without affecting the system architecture

Open Platform

  • Open architecture design
  • Industrial Standard building

High Performance and Reliability

  • Telco grade performance with optimized engine on multi-core CPU
  • High availability design to minimize system down time

Fast Turn-around Time

  • High level IT/Web development tools
  • Backend web services/servlets can easily be resued and integrated

We are specialized in providing next generation service platform and turnkey solutions to our customers. With years of product development and project deployment experience in different mission critical solutions, we are committed to deliver superior results to meet the market challenges.