Cosmact Ltd. is a Hong Kong based technological company founded in 2005. Our primary focus is in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field.

With our long-term commitment in research and development in the ICT field, the company has received substantial support from Innovative Technology Commission of the Hong Kong SAR Government and was also one of the well-established partner companies of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP).

Our core competence is to provide flexible, open and converged platform for our customers to deploy innovative ICT services in short deployment cycles and effectively meet the dynamic market demands.


A large system integrator in India

  • More than 100 E1 IVR VAS system
  • Skill transfer
  • Provide platform, training and template to customer for them to develop their own applications

HK, NGO Lutheran Church-Hong Kong Synod

  • 3G Video Barrier-free Hotline Service
  • Provide 3G-Video public service over 3G-324M

Debit card payment gateway IVR system in mainland China

  • Pass PCIDSS conformance for finance/banking application with monetary transaction

Various HK public hospitals

  • IVR, FOD and Call Management Systems

A public utility in HK

  • Large scale multi-site IVR system
  • Inbound IVR and out-dial call notification
  • Multi-site redundancy with data replication between sites

Telecom operator in HK

  • VoIP IVR and fax messaging system with full load balancing and high availability architecture
  •  Hybrid approach with SIP trunk and TDM interface

Mobile operation in HK

  • Mobile VoIP for roam out users
  • Roam out user can use OTT mobile VoIP app for making call to Hk. MAP to interrogate roam status and FTN number.

Telecom operator in Macau

  • Voice Mail and Missed Call Alert system for PSTN and mobile subscribers
  • VMS and MCA on the same platform with multiple call flows
  • SMS and out-dial notification. Hybrid approach with SIP trunk and SS7 ISUP interface

Bank in Taiwan

  • Intelligent call centre
  • Incorporates next generation natural language understanding AI technology


To expand our business, we are looking for partners who can bring value to Cosmact in terms of industry connections, technology partnership or financial investment. For more information, please contact us at investors@cosmact.com



To extend our market coverage, we are looking for partners in different regions to carry our products and solutions. For more information, please contact us at var@cosmact.com